Dura-Bright® Wheel Wash For Alcoa®* Wheels

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The exclusive solution for safely cleaning your Dura-Bright® treated Alcoa® Wheels. Suitable for weekly use on both XRB® and EVO technology wheels.
Aloca® Dura-Bright® Wheel Wash was specifically designed to provide the assurance to customers that they are cleaning their wheels with a safe cleaning solution, while providing additional benefits.

  • Helps to prevent the build-up of brake dust resin and copper glow.
  • No risk of damaging wheels with harsh chemicals.
  • Use approximately 150ml per wheel.
  • Not classified as dangerous goods according CLP and REACH directives.

Available in 1 Litre & 5 Litre containers.

​* The “ALCOA” name and the geometric symbol are registered trademarks of Alcoa USA Corp. and are licensed to Howmet Aerospace Inc., its subsidiaries, and their third-party distributors, including Tyre-Line Original Equipment Ltd.




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