Carlisle FSTR

Product Details

The New range of Carlisle FSTR tyres offer outstanding performance and value coupled with the following technical features:

  • Deep Tread with Superior Self Cleaning and Mud Repellent Design
  • Advance Sidewall Structure with Increased Flex to aid On & Off Road Comfort
  • Wide Footprint for Low Soil Compaction
  • Low Rolling Resistance and Long Service Life
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty


Wish List

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Part Code Product Name CARLSTAR
TY2432085-01 320/85R24 122A8/119B FSTR TL 58K Carlisle
TY2434085-02 340/85R24 125A8/122B FSTR TL 66K Carlisle
TY2438085-02 380/85R24 131A8/128B FSTR TL 77K Carlisle
TY244207-01 420/70R24 130A8/130B FSTR TL 81K Carlisle
TY2442085-02 420/85R24 137A8/134B FSTR TL 96K Carlisle
TY2444065-02 440/65R24 128D/131A8 FSTR TL 79k Carlisle
TY244607-02 460/70R24 152A8/149B FSTR TL 91K Carlisle
TY2834085-02 340/85R28 127A8/124B FSTR TL 71K Carlisle
TY2838085-01 380/85R28 133A8/130B FSTR TL 83K Carlisle
TY284207-01 420/70R28 133A8/133B FSTR TL 90K Carlisle