Carlisle Rib

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Another top turf care design. Great for ZTR, golf and other applications.

  • Tough tyres that can withstand long hours of usage.
  • Larger sizes available
  • Leaves no trace of their path



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    Part Code Product Name CARLISLE
    TY04114-02 11x4.00-4 4pr Straight Rib TL
    TY05114-10 11x4.00-5 4pr 42A3 Rib TL
    TY06135-09 13x5.00-6 4pr Rib
    TY06156-15 15x600-6 4pr Rib Carlisle
    TY081665-11 16x6.50-8 4pr Rib
    TY081895-25 18x9.50-8 4pr Straight Rib