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Carlisle Turf Trac

Product Details

Very vertsatile turf tyre with balance profile for pro, consumer and other applications.

  • Round shouldered
  • Ample tread depth
  • Range from residential mowers toutility vehicles.

Wish List

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Part Code Product Name CARLISLE
TY05114-04 11x4.00-5 2pr Turf Trac
TY06156-13 15x6.00-6 4pr Turf Trac RS
TY081665-15 16x6.50-8 4pr Turf Trac RS
TY081885-15 18x8.50-8 4pr Turf Trac RS TL
TY08201-07 20x10.00-8 4pr Turf Trac RS ''E'' TL
TY082251-05 22.5x10.00-8 4pr 92A4 Turf Trac RS TL 265/70-8
TY092512-10 25x12.00-9 4pr Turf Trac R/S TL
TY10201-08 20x10.00-10 4pr Turf Trac R/S TL
TY102012-01 20x12.00-10 4pr 90A4 Turf Trac RS TL 305/40-10
TY102295-01 22x9.50-10 4pr Turf Trac RS TL