Carlisle Turf Master

Product Details

Carlisle's tyre of choice for the professional market. Maximum performance.

  • Most durable tread compound
  • Deep tread elements
  • Square shouldered

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Part Code Product Name CARLISLE
TY061365-07 13X6.50-6 4pr Turf Master
TY06156-03 15x6.00-6 2pr Turf Master
TY06156-14 15x6.00-6 4pr Turf Master
TY081565-01 15x6.50-8 2pr Turf Master ''E''
TY081665-07 16x6.50-8 4pr Turf Master
TY081675-04 16x7.50-8 4pr Turf Master
TY081865-03 18x6.50-8 4pr Turf Master
TY081885-09 18x8.50-8 4pr Turf Master
TY081895-03 18x9.50-8 4pr Turf Master
TY081895-38 18X9.50-8 NHS 2PR TURFMASTER TL