Carlisle Multi Trac

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Perfect choice for professional users requiring the highest performance and dependability from their equipment. These commercial grade tyres feature our most durable tread compound with deep tread elements in a profile optimized for stability and traction.

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Part Code Product Name CARLISLE
TY142585-02 25x8.50-14 6pr NHS Multi Trac
TY142585-03 25x8.50-14 4pr NHS Multi Trac
TY1527105-02 27x10.50-15 4pr Multitrac
TY1527105-06 27x10.50-15 8pr Multi Trac C/S
TY152785-03 27x8.50-15 4pr Multitrac CS Turf TL
TY152785-05 27x8.50-15 6prNHS MultiTrac CSL
TY1529125-09 29x12.50-15 6pr Multi Trac
TY1531135-07 31x13.50-15 4pr Multi Trac (345/60-15)
TY153614-01 36x14.00-15 4pr Multi Trac
TY204114-01 41x14.00-20 4pr Multi Trac