Carlisle Field Trax

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HD Field Trax is designed to get things done in the field, on the golf course or around the farm.

This tyre features a wide profile that provides stability on even the toughest terrains. Made in the USA.

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Part Code Product Name CARLISLE
TY082212-01 22x1200-8 3* HD Field Trax
TY082251-02 22.5x1000-8 3* HD Field Trax
TY092513-01 25x13.00-9 3* HD Field Trax
TY101885-01 18x8.50-10 4pr HD Field Trax
TY122412-08 24x12.00-12 2pr HD Fieldtrax
TY122612-05 26x12.00-12 2pr HD Field Trax