Carlisle Trac Chief

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New turf friendly compact skid steer tractor design for landscaping and other light duty applications. The rugged tread compound and flat profile increases traction and stability for general duty.


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Part Code Product Name CARLISLE
TY101885-04 18x8.50-10 4pr Trac Chief TL
TY10208-16 20x8.00-10 4pr Trac Chief TL
TY122385-04 23x8.50-12 6pr Trac Chief
TY122612-14 26x1200-12 4pr Trac Chief TL
TY142385-01 23x8.50-14nhs 4pr Trac Chief
TY142585-04 25x8.50-14 6pr Trac Chief
TY16124-03 12.4-16 6pr Trac Chief I-3
TY16512-04 12-16.5 6pr NHS Trac Chief TL
TY17514-02 14-17.5 6pr NHS Trac Chief