Carlisle Turf Tamer

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A top seller and established industry favorite. From competitive track to Tecreation, Turf Tamer is a proven performer.

  • Excellent traction

  • One-of-a-kind tread design

  • Lightweight construction


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Part Code Product Name Carlisle
TY081895-23 18x9.50-8 3* Turf Tamer Knobby
TY082011-02 20x11.00-8 3* Turf Tamer
TY082112-01 21x12.00-8 3* Turf Tamer
TY082251-03 22.5x10.00-8 3* T''Tamer Knob
TY082251-04 22.5x10.00-8 4pr Turf Tamer
TY092011-02 20x11.00-9 3*Turf Tamer Knobby 7PSI
TY092512-08 25x12.00-9 3*Turf Tamer Knobby
TY102011-02 20x11.00-10 3* Turf Tamer