Carlisle Trail Wolf

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The Trail Wolf tire features a deep, wrap around tread that promotes forward traction while minimizing lateral slip. Trail Wolf is made with stiff sidewalls that increase cornering control and a compound formulated for extended wear.

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Part Code Product Name CARLISLE
TY08197-01 19x7.00-8 2pr 13F Trail Wolf TL
TY08198-01 19x8.00-8 2pr Trail Wolf
TY082011-03 20x11.00-8 3* Trail Wolf
TY08207-04 20x7.00-8 2pr Trail Wolf
TY092011-03 20x11.00-9 3* Trail Wolf
TY10217-05 21x7.00-10 3* Trail Wolf
TY10221-04 22x10.00-10 3* Trail Wolf
TY11249-05 24x9.00-11 3* Trail Wolf