Carlisle All Trail / All Trail II

Product Details

  • A workhorse for utility and worksite applications.
  • Features a sturdy 4-ply rated carcass which reduces soft, wallowing chassis roll.
  • Unique, tight tread pattern which offers a smooth ride experience.
  • Specifically for use on hard surface conditions.
  • Low, wide profile.
  • Durable, extended tyre life.
  • Responsive and predictable on pavement, concrete and hard-packed soil.
  • Made in USA.



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Part Code Product Name CARLISLE
TY08201-08 20x10.00-8 4pr 69F All Trail II TL 250/60-8
TY08221-02 22x10.00-8 4pr All Trail II
TY10201-09 20x10.00-10 4pr 68F All Trail II TL 255/50-10
TY102211-09 22x11.00-10 4pr All Trail TL 22PSI
TY102295-03 22x9.50-10 4pr All Trail II TL
TY102311-02 23x11.00-10 4pr All Trail II TL 78F 22PSI
TY102311-04 23x11.00-10 6pr All Trail II TL 22PSI
TY1024075-01 240/75-10 89A8 4pr All Trail II ''E'' TL Carlisle
TY1024105-01 24x10.50-10 4pr All Trail II TL
TY102495-03 24x9.50-10 4pr All Trail II TL