Carlisle Farm Specialist Flotation

Product Details

Carlisle''s Farm Specialist Flotation tyre is specially designed for heavy duty work. Perfectly suited for agricultural applications through its extra wide profile and voluminous design.

  • Large load capacity at low tyre pressure
  • Performs under all conditions
  • Unique profile ensures tyres keep rolling all the time
  • Outstanding self-cleaning


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Part Code Product Name CARLISLE
TY15326070-01 260/70-15.3 Farm Spec.Flot.IMP 126A8 12pr (10.0/75-15.3) TL
TY15330080-01 300/80-15.3 Farm Spec.Flot.IMP 138A8 12pr (11.5/80-15.3) TL
TY1738055-01 380/55-17 12pr 138A8 AW TL Farm Specialist Flotation
TY1748045-02 480/45-17 14pr 146A8 AW TL Farm Specialist Flotation
TY1750050-06 500/50-17 14pr 149A8 AW TL Farm Specialist Flotation