Carlisle Smooth

Product Details

Turf-friendly smooth profile for pro mowers and grounds maintenance equiment.

  • Withstand long hours of cutting
  • Leave no trace of path
  • Transport Vehicles, Riding Mowers, Garden Tractors, Farm Equipment & Wheelbarrows


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    Part Code Product Name CARLISLE
    TY0483-01 8x3.00-4 4pr Smooth
    TY04935-03 9x3.50-4 4pr Smooth
    TY05114-07 11x4.00-5 4pr Smooth
    TY06135-11 13x5.00-6 4pr Smooth
    TY061365-08 13x6.50-6 4pr Smooth
    TY06138-01 13x8.00-6NHS 4pr Smooth
    TY081895-02 18x9.50-8 4pr Smooth
    TY0848-03 4.80-8 4pr Smooth
    TY1018105-01 18x10.50-10 2pr NHS Smooth
    TY10201-01 20x10.00-10 2pr NHS Smooth