Carlisle Turf Saver

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With its classic square shouldered design,Turf Saver is the market leader for residential riding lawn mowers worldwide. The flat profile and chevron tread provide excellent traction. Turf friendly design and breadth of line make it versatile in both application and fitment.

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Part Code Product Name Carlisle
TY04114-01 11x4.00-4 2pr Turf Saver TL
TY0441035-01 4.10-4 2pr Turf Saver
TY04935-02 9x3.50-4 2pr Turf Saver
TY04935-04 9x3.50-4 4pr Turf Saver
TY05114-05 11x4.00-5 2pr Turf Saver
TY06135-10 13x5.00-6 4pr Turf Saver
TY06135-18 13x5.00-6 2pr Turf Saver
TY061365-04 13x6.50-6 2pr Turf Saver
TY061365-06 13x6.50-6 4pr Turf Saver
TY06156-08 15x6.00-6 2pr Turf Saver R/L