Compass CT7000

Product Details

  • Tyre for high speed trailers.
  • Fitted on a Mefro or Vlukon rim.
  • E noise tested and approved.
  • Emark tested and approved to the more demanding Reg. 54 commercial standard.
  • REACH compliant.
  • Load and speed ratings to meet the most demanding conditions and applications.
  • Reinforced beads used to give maximum strength.
  • Enhanced buttressing design to produce improved lateral stability and protection against kerbing and off-road damage.
  • All-weather tread pattern.
  • High mileage, low noise and class leading wet and dry grip ensure that ‘Compass’ brand tyres offer optimum, safe, long-life performance.



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Part Code Product Name COMPASS
TY121856-02 185/60R12 104/101N CT7000
TY121956-01 195/60R12 104/102N CT7000
TY13165-16 165R13 96/94N CT7000
TY131955-06 195/50R13 104/101N CT7000