ITP Quadcross MX/MX Pro

Product Details

  • Soft, ‘works-like’ rubber compound sets new standard on hardpack.
  • Carefully developed shoulder profile for improved stability and bite.
  • Features such as acceleration, braking, cornering and overall balance have all benefited from the new carcass.
  • Improved predictability and side bite.
  • New 2-ply carcass utilizing a sidewall apex.
  • Ideal for hard-packed track surfaces.
  • Offers superior grip.
  • Extended wear.


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Part Code Product Name ITP
TY08181-05 18x10.00-8 2pr Quadcross MX Pro
TY08188-01 18x8.00-8 2pr Quadcross MX 26F
TY10206-01 20x6.00-10 2pr Quadcross MX Pro 31F

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