ITP Holeshot ATR

Product Details

  • Non-directional tread design for enhanced traction and control on smooth & slippery surfaces.
  • The Holeshot all-terrain radial (ATR) split-lug tread supplies precision handling and ride comfort.
  • 6-ply radial tyre.
  • Radial tyre technology offers amazingly smooth ride quality - flexible sidewalls absorb trail shock.
  • Super strong carcass tracks straight and offers unmatched cornering control.

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Part Code Product Name ITP
TY122058-02 205/80R12 6pr Holeshot ATRs 43F (25x8R12)
TY122058-03 205/80R12 3* Holeshot ATR "E" 43F (25x8R12)
TY1220585-02 205/85R12 6pr Holeshot ATR TL (26x8R12)
TY122557-02 255/70R12 3* Holeshot ATR TL (26x10R12)
TY122706-03 270/60R12 6pr Holeshot ATR 52F (25x10R12)
TY122706-04 270/60R12 3* Holeshot ATR "E" 52F (25x10R12)

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