ITP Mud Lite XL

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One of our most popular tyres in the Mud Lite family, the Mud Lite XL is a revolutionary all-conditions tyre that's designed for the trail but that can sling mud with the best of them!

  • 1 1/8-inch lug height.
  • Extended-wear rubber compound for even longer life and better value.
  • Unique center tread contact area provides a smooth, radial-like ride.

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Part Code Product Name ITP
TY122512-01 25x12.00-12 6pr ITP Mudlite XL
TY12251-28 25x10.00-12 6pr 58M Mud Lite II TL ITP
TY12258-26 25x8.00-12 6pr 68F Mud Lite XL 7PSI TL
TY12261-04 26x10.00-12 6pr Mud Lite XL "E" 18PSI 77F
TY122612-34 26x12.00-12 Mud Lite XL ''E''
TY12269-08 26x9.00-12 6pr Mud Lite XL TL 18PSI 49F
TY122712-02 300/65-12 66L 4pr Mud Lite XL (27x12.00-12)

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