ITP Bajacross X/D

Product Details

  • Handles the toughest and heaviest UTV applications and is excellent on heavier ATVs as well.
  • Extended-life rubber compound and innovative overlapping tread pattern provide a smooth, predictable ride.
  • Slow wear characteristics - this is one of the highest-mileage tire ITP has ever produced.
  • 8-ply radial tyre.
  • Stepped lugs provide consistent tread edges as the tyre wears.
  • Advanced radial carcass design delivers the most comfortable, trail-compliant tyre available.
  • Wrap around lugs provide improved shoulder protection.
  • Super deep Rim Guard feature offers wheel lip protection.


Wish List

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Part Code Product Name ITP
TY12251-25 255/65R12 8pr 51M Baja Cross XD ''E'' (25x10.00R12) 18PSI
TY12258-23 25x8.00R12 8pr BajaCross X/D TL 73D "E" 205/80R12
TY122611-04 26x11.00R12 8pr Baja Cross XD 280/65R12 "E" 18PSI 85D
TY12269-04 26x9.00R12 8pr Baja Cross XD 225/80R12 "E" 18PSI 79D
TY14261-03 26x10.00R14 8pr Baja Cross X/D TL 81D "E" 18PSI
TY142611-04 26x11.00R14 8pr Baja Cross X/D TL 84D "E" 18PSI
TY14281-01 28x10.00R14 8pr BajaCross X/D TL 85D "E"

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