Wanda P332

Product Details

  • Medium Wearing Tread
  • Offers Hard Levels Of Grip Without Being Overly Aggressive To Damage Turf
  • Modern Pattern, Deep treaded and square shouldered turf tyre.
  • Select sizes also available with *Aramid* Belted, Puncture Resistant technology.




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Part Code Product Name WANDA
TY05114-14 11x4.00-5 4pr P332 Turf
TY06135-20 13x5.00-6 4pr P332
TY061365-12 13x6.50-6 4pr P332 Turf TL
TY06156-21 15x6.00-6 4pr P332 Turf
TY06156-26 15x6.00-6 6pr P332 ARAMID White writing TURF
TY081665-23 16x6.50-8 4pr P332
TY081665-27 16x6.50-8 4pr P332 ARAMID Turf White writing TL
TY081665-33 16x6.50-8 6pr P332 ARAMID Turf White Writing
TY081675-07 16x7.50-8 4pr P332 Turf
TY081675-09 16x7.50-8 6pr P332 ARAMID Turf White Writing