Wanda P328

Product Details

  • Open-Centre Pattern
  • Provides Traction When Required

Select sizes also available with *Aramid* Belted, Puncture
Resistant technology.


Wish List

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Part Code Product Name WANDA
TY081665-26 16x6.50-8 4PR P328 O/C
TY081665-32 16x6.50-8 6pr P328 ARAMID O/C White writing
TY081665-36 16x6.50-8 6pr P328 O/C
TY081885-24 18x8.50-8 4pr P328 O/C NA to us yet
TY08201-17 20x10.00-8 4pr P328 O/C Wanda
TY101885-06 18x8.50-10 4pr P328 O/C N/A to us yet
TY1223105-28 23x10.50-12 4pr P328 O/C