Wanda P373/P373A

Product Details

  • Directional Tread Pattern Smooth Rolling Tread
  • Excels With A Wide Variety Of Terrains
  • Durable, Lightweight
  • Design Provides Quicker Braking And Acceleration


Wish List

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Part Code Product Name WANDA
TY12248-02 24x8.00-12 6pr P373 Tractive
TY12251-09 25X10.00-12 6PR P373 **24PSI** UTV TL
TY12251-09A 25x10.00-12 6pr P373 7PSI ''E'' ATV fitment These are 7PSI
TY122511-11 25x11.00-12 6pr P373A Tractive 24PSI "E"