Wanda P350

Product Details

  • Non-Directional Tread Pattern
  • Advanced Radial Construction Delivers A Comfortable Ride
  • Additional Shoulder Lugs Protect The Rim And Sidewall
  • Superior Traction And Good Handling In Dirt/Rock

Wish List

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Part Code Product Name WANDA
TY122611-05 26x11.00R12 6pr P350 14PSI
TY142710-01 27X10.00 -14 6PR TL P350 E4-75R-0007801
TY142711-01 27x11.00R14 6pr P350 14PSI (Big Horn Type)
TY142712-01 27X12.00-14 6PR TL P350 E4-75R-0007802
TY14279-01 27x9.00R14 6pr P350 14PSI TL (Big Horn Type)
TY14279-03 27x9.00R14 6pr P350 "E"
TY152710-01 27X10.00 -14 6PR TL P350