Carlisle Branded Tyres To Become Carlstar

Tyre-Line And Carlstar Announce Brand Transition

The Carlstar Group, through their longstanding UK distributor Tyre-Line Ltd, is excited to unveil a brand evolution aimed at positioning the company for continued excellence and growth in the future. Over the next few years, The Carlstar Group will be transitioning products carrying the Carlisle brand to the Carlstar brand, ensuring that its primary brand name reflects the company name – the company that designs, manufactures, sells, and supports the product. This strategic move provides internal and external coherence, while maximising the opportunity to promote a brand exclusive to the Specialty Tyre and Wheel space.

“While the impetus for our brand evolution was company strategy, what our valued customers and partners should know and will experience is that the execution of this transition was planned with partner and customer considerations taking primacy” says Jacob Thomas, CEO of The Carlstar Group.

“Carlisle branded tyres are now Carlstar” is our principal message regarding this change. And this simple phrase captures the entire essence of our brand evolution. The letters on the sidewall will change but everything else stays exactly the same. The people, the facilities, the processes, premier product quality and dependability, and our entire value proposition that has made us the preferred one-stop shop destination for specialty tyres and wheels over the last 100 years will remain the same. The Carlstar Group looks forward to continue delighting its partners and customers for the next 100 years”.

The brand transition will be executed through a two–pronged approach. The marketing materials will undergo a well–structured, multi–step transition, providing customers with a gradual and enduring experience leveraging the theme “Carlisle branded tyres are now Carlstar”. The transition for the tyre sidewalls will be a phased in approach prioritizing high volume SKU’s with customer considerations taken into account. Beginning Q4 2023, the following tyre patterns will begin to transition to Carlstar branding :- AT489, All Trail, A-C-T, HD Field Trax, Knobby, Versa Trail, Turf Master, Multi Trac, Smooth, Turf Trac, Versa Turf, Trac Chief, Reliance and more. The remaining product lines will then begin their transition through 2024, with the final process expecting to take around 2 years.

As Carlisle branded inventory is depleted, customers will begin to receive Carlstar branded product starting late Q1 2024 and where possible, Tyre-Line will prevent supplying mixed branded inventory unless already communicated with the customer. This will allow customers to replace their product lines gradually rather than all at once and aid a smoother brand transition.

Tyre-Line & The Carlstar Group are confident that this brand evolution will not only help reinforce its position as a premier specialty tyre and wheel manufacturer, but also strengthen the foundation for a bright future marked by innovation and expansion.

Watch our brand evolution video on YouTube here.

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