Cleaning Alcoa® Wheels

Maintaining your aluminium Alcoa® Wheels in order to keep them in their best possible condition is, and should be, a top priority and is easy to do!

Alcoa® Accessory products have been developed and selected over many years to help maintain the wheels in the best possible condition and ensure a long service life. We have the full range available for next day delivery!


Cleaning Polished, Brushed and LvL One Wheels

Cleaning Dura-Bright® Wheels

Coronavirus Closure

24 March 2020

Impact of COVID-19

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has increasingly disrupted Tyre-Line’s ability to perform both our business operations and manufacturing processes, and now following measures imposed by the UK and other governments to restrict the spread of the virus, Tyre-line is experiencing unprecedented restrictions in respect of our personnel, our facilities, and the ability of our business to provide goods.


This letter serves as notice that, Tyre-Line has been forced to close the premiseswith immediate effect and is no longer able to take deliveries or dispatch goods.


We will remain closed until Tuesday 14th April, Government and restrictions depending.


We will keep you updated as the situation develops and notify you as soon as we are able to resume our production and delivery service.


Thank you for your continued understanding and support in these unprecedented times. It is essential for us to work together in the short term to assure our continued collaboration in the longer term.

Yours sincerely

Tyre-Line O.E Ltd


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