Alcoa® Wheels

Alcoa Wheels, a product brand of Arconic, have become the world's best known name in forged aluminium wheels for trucks, trailers and buses, offering:

  • Enhanced cosmetic appearance
  • Lighter - up to 47% weight saving over steel wheels
  • Increased payload
  • Stronger - up to 5x stronger than steel
  • Proven Return on Investment
  • Full range of wheels from 17.5"-22.5"

Tyre-Line has been representing the Alcoa Wheels brand in the UK for the last 30 years - we are certified as a premium European Distributor.

We offer:

  • Over 1,000 wheels inventory for next working day delivery
  • Dura Bright®, LvL ONE®, Brushed wheels®
  • Comprehensive range Alcoa Accessory Products
  • Onsite vehicle conversion
  • Over 100 years technical/sales product knowledge
  • Contract Tyre fitting for OEMs

Why Alcoa Wheels?