Michelin X® Tweel™ Eliminates Punctures Across Mower Fleet

Milton Keynes based business turns to Tyre-Line & Michelin to elimiante puncture problems.

Millstream Estate Services has turned to the airless Michelin X® Tweel™ Turf to eliminate a growing number of punctures across its grass cutting fleet.

The Milton Keynes-based business now has the tyre and wheel combination running on five of its six Kubota ZD 1211 zero-turn mowers, with plans to upgrade the remaining machine in the near future.

Having regularly suffered up to three punctures a week during its operations for West Bletchley and Stony Stratford Town Councils, Millstream Director Neil Keenan equipped three of his mowers with the Michelin X® Tweel™ fitments during 2023. He was so impressed with the results that he has since specified two new Kubota machines with the airless-technology tyres.

“I first heard of the Tweel a few years back and instantly thought it was a good idea,” explains Keenan. “Most of the mowers are out cutting council verges, parks and open spaces and the things that people leave on the ground is quite staggering – glass bottles, nails, broken fence posts, you name it. The number of punctures we were seeing was getting ridiculous, but the Tweel has completely solved that problem for us.”

The Michelin X® Tweel™ performs like a pneumatic tyre, but without the risk and downtime associated with punctures and impact damage. It is one single unit, replacing the whole tyre and wheel assembly. There is no need for complex mounting equipment and once it is bolted on, there is no air pressure to maintain.

The tread is optimised for long wear life and offers high impact resistance. Its flexible poly-resin spokes carry weight in tension and absorb impacts, helping make the ride smoother, and provide an energy transfer that reduces tyre bounce. The shear beam and spokes are designed to be flexible and deformable, which allows them to conform to the contours of the ground and provide excellent traction, grip and stability.

“The initial cost is obviously a little higher than a standard tyre, but with the punctures we were seeing it will certainly save us money in the long run,” adds Keenan. “We’ve been impressed with the performance. It’s proved to be the perfect solution for our mower fleet.”

Supplied through Michelin agents and specialist tyre suppliers Tyre-Line Ltd, who’s Aftermarket division have been working with Michelin to bring the X® Tweel™ range of Airless tyres to the UK, the Millstream success story shows the “Huge time saving benefits and substantial tyre repair / replacement & downtime cost savings for users suffering from puncture issues across their mowing fleet” said Tyre-Line’s Richard Cook. With more sizes and fitments being added all the time, the Tweel™ Turf range of airless tyres are now available for most makes and models of ZTR mowers available in the UK.

For more information on the complete range of Michelin X® Tweel™ fitments and applications, contact the Tyre-Line Aftermarket team on 01458 250350 or aftermarket@tyreline.com